The Whirlwind (Dance theatre for children) 2008


"Stable when the wind whirls."

"…fenomenal contribution…"

Borås Tidning 2008

"The subtitle of "The Whirlwind" is an enchanting fairytale."

Cision, Peter Grönborg 2008

"The language of movements is clear but not flat. It is - yes, why not - enchanting."

Bohusläning, Marita Adamsson 2008

In the enchanted world of a shaman, we follow some mischievous and wild characters in a capturing adventure. "The Whirlwind" is an ecologic show that blends dance, theatre and music. The aim of the show is to create awareness among the young audience of the problems of environmental degradation in a funny and imaginative way. The great shaman Whirlpaw wants to induce the understanding of how humanity should find a respectful relation to the nature and accept the responsibility of their actions.

Tina Andersson
Torun Odlöw
David Tanzilli
Jonas Örknér

Scenography and costume: Maria Sjöstrand
Music: Tomas Elfstadius
Light: Mauritz de Vries