A strong ending of the dance season...

Lis Hellström, Göteborgsposten

Metamorphos is a composition for one dancer surrounded by himself. Shadows, reflections, transformations of body and scenic images in a thematic fantasy on dance and technology.

Choreographer Mireille Leblanc together with composer and media artist Åke Parmerud is "The Seventh Sense", a group exploring different ways of interfacing the physical and virtual world of dance.
Together with the dancer Aviad Arik Herman from the Gothenburg Opera Dance Company, they have created a piece that flows between light and darkness, movement and stillness, dystopia and poetry.

"The Seventh Sense" was in 2011 awarded the german Walter Fink Preis as the best dance/media work of the year. Metamorphos is the development and continuation of a residency at Medien Theater ZKM (Zentrum für Kunst und Mediateknologie) in Karlsruhe that was implemented in the autumn of 2012.

Metamorphos was realized with support from Statens Kulturråd and Göteborgs Kommun.
Special thanks to The Gothenburg Opera and Danscentrum Väst.

Choreography and concept: Mireille Leblanc Music, media art and concept: Åke Parmerud Dancer: Aviad Arik Herman

Trailer for Metamorphos