Lost Angel 2004


"…a fantastically nice performance, exciting and creative…"

Peter Hallbäck, Nya Linköpings Tidning 2005

"… on the stage a narrative, undulating but decisively choreographed struggle grows… powerful, hard hitting…"

Sanna Wikström, Gefle Dagblad 2005

Lost Angel creates a meeting between the audience and a spiritual archetype in the form of an angel/spirit.

As a poetic projection of the search for connection with an out of body revelation, however always connected to a physical activity and manifestation.

The angel as anima, reflection, subconsciousness and protector of a secret connection between the living and the dead. Finally also a nostalgia. A reminder of a lost childish clarity in the relation to that what lies beyond the bodily. The angel, the ghost, the spirit represents as much darkness and unknown threat as of light and security.

Dancer: Karin Hedin

Music, interactive design, video:

Åke Parmerud