La Dérive (The drifting) 2002


"…The drifting is a moment of shear pleasure…"

Aline Apostolska, La Presse 2002

"…a darkened background of Mireille Leblanc, permeates this well performed artistic project.

The piece is full of choreographic discoveries and contains brilliant moments of interpretation…"

Guylaine Massoutre, “Cahiers de théâtre JEU” 2002

In The drifting one finds once again Leblancs desire to explore a world of sound where the body works as an instrument generating sounds using feet, hands and voice.

Sitting at a table a woman is alone in her naked world. Bothered by the fact of having to face herself, she chases an obnoxious fly, as if chasing her own thoughts. Can one die from a starving soul? She feeds the fly, as one feeds the emptiness, she sings a lullaby, eyes blinded by the opening sky.

Dancer: Michèle Bastien


Jean-Frédéric Messier


Carole Courtois

Light: Robert Gautioer