I am a wreck 2010


"An overwhelming piece that makes us think of Steppenwolf  by Herman Hesse…"

DFdanse,  Marion Gerbier 2010

"It´s very strong and indeed touching."

Nummer.se,   Liv Landell Major 2010

"It´s striking."

Göteborgsposten,  Lis Hellström Sveningson 2010

This is dance theatre. Half dance, half theatre. With great humor and great seriousness.

An absurd story of an old and forgotten man who never reconciled with life as it turned out.

He manically collects things around him, filling his life with these items along with conversations with fabricated persons, all in an attempt to exorsice the emptiness. Life continues outside the flat; sounds of airplanes, traffic, neighbors… and then this perpetual ticking...

Dance: Tommy Håkansson

Music: Åke Parmerud

Light: Anna Wemmert Clausen

Scenography and costume:

Mireille Leblanc