Confusion of the starving heart


The feeling of dizziness, vertigo, falling into the dreamlike void between starving hearts is the center of this piece for two dancers. A man and a woman trapped in the reality of everyday life meet and the man is slowly drawn into a dream of another life. A life where love is more than just a dream. In this interaction the borderline between reality and dream dissolves and he find himself in the confusing state of walking the thin line of the "in between". That what lies between the eye and what it sees, of past and the future, of doubt and reassurance. The style of the piece is also in the state of "in between". The dance is put in a theatrical perspective being sometimes representative, sometimes abstract. And in the end; maybe there are no clear borderlines between this and that, dream and reality, love and confusion.

Dancers: Jussi Hanhirovan

Satu Rekolan

Music: Åke Parmerud

Scenography and costume: Mireille Leblanc