Mireille Leblanc with Canadian background has been active in the modern dance milieu for 30 years. She has appeared among the new acclaimed choreographers in Montreal where she at two occasions received support from the Quebec Cuktural Council for the dance compositions “La Dérive” 2002 and “Parcelle d´éternité” 2000. She has appeared as choreographer in a number of music and theatre productions such as “Quand l´opéra bouffe”, “La paradie mobile”, “La fille de Rappaccini” among others. Leblanc moved to Gothenburg, Sweden in April 2003 and has since created several new works and started the new dance company The Seventh Sense together with the composer and media artist Åke Parmerud. In September 2011 they were awarded the Walter Fink Prize from ZKM Center for Art and Media, Germany for the piece ”The Seventh Sense” from 2007

Since she moved to Sweden she has been working as Ballet master at the Gothenburg Opera 2005-2006 and after that had several assignments as choreographer, rehearsal master as well as mentor for younger choreographers.

Mireille Leblanc has before she moved to Sweden worked with a number of internationally acclaimed dance companies in Montréal and toured in Europe along with South and North America for 22 years. She worked mainly with the dance company O Vertigo Danse in choreographies by Ginette Laurin. She continued with Carbon 14 directed by Gilles Maheu, Ex Machina directed by Robert

Lepage and with Le Cirque du Soleil. She appeared as singer in the dance performance “Strata” by Pierre-Paul Savoie with which she has toured Norway, Spain and Canada 2002-2003. She has directed and sung with the choir Mruta Mertsi, and as actor-singer-percussionist, she made numerous apperances with Les Secrétaires Percutantes (The Drumming Secretaries).

She has also during her career  performed as actress in both theatre and film. She has, among otherss, acted in  The Trojans at Théâtre du Nouveau Monde, in the roll of  Sèdna in Les Perséides and as Mérédith in La fin de l´été. She has also appeared in film and TV productions such as La nuit du Déluge, September song, Les choix de Sophie and others...

Her dance company The Seventh Sense has done several works based on the meeting between  dance, concept and new technology. Together with the composer and media artist Åke Parmerud she will during 2012 create a new interactive dance/theatre installation commissioned by ZKM (Zentrum für kunst und mediateknologie) in Karlsruhe, Germany.